99Math: Gamifying Learning, Revolutionizing Math!


Step into an educational revolution with 99Math, where math takes on a thrilling transformation through innovative gamification. Unveil the platform’s dynamic approach that reshapes traditional math education, captivating students and instilling genuine enthusiasm for learning.

Explore the seamless integration of gaming elements and educational content within 99Math’s methods, making math both engaging and enjoyable. Witness the profound impact on student engagement as conventional teaching methods give way to an interactive and exciting educational experience.

Immerse yourself in the success stories and testimonials that highlight 99Math’s transformative influence on the educational landscape. Experience the fusion of education and excitement as 99Math elevates math learning to unprecedented levels.

Funding and Growth:

In a significant milestone, Estonian startup 99Math has secured $1 million in funding for its innovative edtech math gaming platform. Co-founded by Timo Timmi and Tõnis Kusmin, the platform, with just three years in operation, has rapidly attracted attention and financial support, highlighting its potential to revolutionize math education. Timmi and Kusmin’s vision is centred around making math learning not only a requirement but also an enjoyable and engaging experience for students. This recent funding infusion serves as a testament to the platform’s promising trajectory, positioning 99Math for accelerated growth and a substantial impact on the conventional approaches to teaching math. The financial backing underscores the confidence in the founders’ vision and their commitment to transforming the educational landscape through technology and innovation.

Monetization Strategy:

Balancing accessibility with sustainability, 99math upholds free access for teachers while charting a strategic course toward monetization through parent subscriptions. This forward-thinking approach embraces a self-service model, recognizing and navigating the complexities embedded in traditional educational technology sales cycles. By pivoting towards parent subscriptions, 99math not only sustains its commitment to teachers but also sets the stage for scalable growth. The platform’s evolution goes beyond financial considerations; it aligns with a vision of creating a sustainable and globally impactful math education solution. This strategic shift positions 99math as a dynamic player in the educational technology landscape, where innovation and financial sustainability coalesce to redefine the future of math learning.

How to Play 99math as a Teacher: Step-by-Step Guide

1. Create Your Teacher Account:

  • Visit 99math.com and sign up for a teacher account. Registration is free.

2. Access Your Teacher Dashboard:

  • Upon signing in, you’ll be directed to your teacher dashboard. You can always return here by clicking on its logo.

3. Choose a Topic for Practice:

  • Begin by creating a new game. Select the topic you want your students to practice. All topics are designed and verified by math teachers.

4. Preview Example Problems:

  • Review the “Example problems” section to see the types of questions students will encounter. The platform automatically generates tasks, saving you preparation time.

5. Initiate a Live Game:

  • If you’re ready to start a live game, click the “Play LIVE” button on the right side of the page.

6. Share the Game Code:

  • In Live game mode, you’ll receive a game code. Share this code with your students via messaging or display it on your screen. Alternatively, share the game link.

7. Student Joining Process:

  • Instruct students to visit join.99math.com on their devices. They’ll enter the game code you provided, input a name (nickname or first name), and choose an avatar. Now, they are ready to play.

8. Unlocking Individual Practice:

  • After the first Live game with a minimum of 4 students, you’ll unlock the Individual practice feature.

9. Game Modes:

  • 99math offers two game modes:
    • Play LIVE: Engage students together in a classroom or via a video call. It’s the most engaging experience.
    • Individual Practise: Assign practice tasks for students to complete on their own time. This mode allows for self-paced learning.

10. Individual Practise Setup:

  • In Individual practice mode, you select a skill or multiple skills for students to practice either at home or school. Share the game code or link with students.


  • Both game modes provide control to the teacher, allowing you to decide the duration of the games and ensuring you have a clear understanding of the time required.

Additional Tips:

  • Use Live games for a dynamic and interactive classroom experience.
  • Encourage students to participate in Individual practice to reinforce skills independently.
  • Leverage the insights provided by 99math to track progress and identify areas that need focus.

Team and Expansion:

Behind 99math’s success is a seasoned team, including Tõnis Kusmin and Timo Timmi, bringing extensive expertise to the table. With a 10-member team spanning Estonia, Europe, and the U.S., 99math is poised for global growth. The strategic backing from Genesis Investments further propels the company towards its vision of reshaping math education on a global scale.

In essence, 99Math stands at the forefront of educational innovation, merging the worlds of gaming and learning to create a transformative math education experience. As it continues to evolve, the platform’s commitment to engagement, accessibility, and positive learning experiences positions it as a leader in the edtech space.


In this exploration of 99Math’s transformative impact on math education, we’ve uncovered a revolutionary approach. Beyond securing a $1 million funding milestone, 99Math stands as a beacon of innovation. The article doesn’t merely inform but equips educators with a step-by-step guide on seamlessly integrating 99Math into their classrooms.

This groundbreaking platform, founded by Timo Timmi and Tõnis Kusmin, isn’t just solving math problems; it’s addressing the disengagement challenge in math education. The strategic growth plans, positive global impact, and commitment of the 99Math team position it as an educational leader. In essence, this article offers both insight and practical guidance, illustrating how 99Math isn’t just changing equations but rewriting the entire narrative of math education.

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