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Artificial Turf Supply Solutions for Dog Owners

Dog owners should provide a clean, comfortable, and safe outdoor play area for their pets. A dog’s play area may be a backyard or designated running space. An artificial turf supply company can help you find sustainable alternatives to a natural lawn, which can be costly to maintain. Here are some benefits of working with an artificial turf supply company to design your pet’s space:

Low Maintenance

Artificial lawn installation is a one-time task. Once you install the grass, it is ready for use. The grass does not require regular maintenance, and you do not need to replant, reseed, weed, or fertilize the turf. Artificial grass maintenance expenses are minimal compared to the costs of natural grass upkeep. The only maintenance you will need to perform is cleaning up pets’ waste and removing debris like sticks or leaves.

Comfort and Safety

Pets thrive in comfortable, clean, and safe environments. Artificial turf looks and feels almost like natural grass, creating comfortable place for dogs rest and relax. Turf will not turn into muddy patches after a rainstorm, and pets won’t be able to dig holes that could pose safety hazards. The grass also provides a safe and cushioned surface where pets can run, jump, and land without hurting themselves. Artificial turf is made of poly and nylon fiber, the same materials used to make indoor carpets. These fibers are made under strict industrial standards to make them safe for human and animal use.

Environmental Sustainability

Artificial grass is an environment-friendly alternative to natural lawns. Artificial turf supply companies carry products that enhance water conservation by reducing watering needs. Watering a natural lawn consumes a lot of water, which affects the availability of natural resources. Turf maintenance does not require the application of pesticides or hazardous chemicals that may harm the environment.

Easy to Clean

If your pets create a mess on the lawn, you can lightly hose down and air dry the targeted areas. Use gentle detergents and lightly scrub to remove stubborn stains and odors. Regularly check the pet play areas for any waste or unwanted material to enhance the turf’s safety. You use a brush or broom to help the grass fibers stand back up after a period of heavy pet use.


An artificial lawn is a long-lasting solution for owners with active dogs. This non-slip material won’t change texture or color with time. It is suitable for hot, drought-prone areas that are exposed to high levels of sunlight or other extreme weather. An artificial lawn remains green and in usable condition all year round. This gives your pets a play area that does not turn brown in summer, die in fall, or freeze in winter.

Aesthetic Appeal

Pet owners can explore the different green shades of artificial grass before purchasing it for their property. You can choose from turf in olive tones to spring green hues to suit your preferences. These colors do not fade with time and are unaffected by sunlight, creating a visually appealing yard all year. Installing turf prevents the development of unsightly patches of drying grass, mud, or weeds. Artificial lawns have a uniform color and height, creating a streamlined outdoor appearance.

Find an Artificial Turf Supply Company

If you are a dog owner and want to create a pet play or running area on your property, a turf installation company can help. These professionals will assess your yard and provide an estimate for the project. They will then remove your natural grass and replace it with long-lasting artificial turf to create a comfortable play area for pets. Contact a turf supplier and installer today to learn more about creating a custom turf yard that is safe for your dogs.

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