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Modernize Your Office With EdgeXperience Cloud Capture

EdgeXperience Cloud Capture

An office that regularly performs imaging tasks should consider the benefits of using a cloud capture service. Learn more about four ways that the EdgeXperience Capture Service can streamline workflows and modernize a workspace while reducing information technology spend.

Reduce Your IT Costs

On average, companies that take a strategic approach to cloud computing save 20% annually on infrastructure costs. If the workflows of your office involve digitizing documents followed by processing and storing scans, using EdgeXperience cloud capture instead of on-site hosting can lead to significant savings.

EdgeXperience enables businesses to capture and securely transmit image captures to any location. In addition to making it possible to scan documents without having to connect a scanner to a computer, this service can also cut IT costs by supporting workflow automation and allowing for remote device monitoring and management.

Scan Documents Faster

Capturing images quickly can be easier when you do not have to set up or connect a high volume scanner to a computer. Automation also makes it possible to set up workflows for processing scans or saving files to specified destinations with minimal user input. The speed of imaging tasks also depends on the specifications of a cloud-connected scanner. 

An fi-7300NX scanner integrated with the EdgeXperience Capture Service can capture 60 pages per minute. When you combine the efficiency of this device with an enterprise network and a Microsoft® Azure® Cloud platform designed for efficient data transmission, an EdgeXperience deployment has the potential to maximize productivity levels in your office.

Maintain High Security Standards

One of the main benefits of cloud migration is the ability to benefit from the security posture of a provider. EdgeXperience uses an HTTPS port with SSL certificates to encrypt communications between one or more fi-7300NX units and the cloud. This service also uses the Advanced Encryption Standard or AES encryption to transfer data. 

Your office can implement complementary security controls, such as pairing EdgeXperience with Microsoft Entra ID for user authentication. It is also important to factor in the security of any external apps or systems that you choose to integrate with your EdgeXperience account. This platform features destination connectors for over 20 external systems and apps to help your office pursue an implementation that meets your needs.

Scale As Needed

Managing imaging and cloud capture workflows can involve getting the number of imaging devices you need to work efficiently and scaling your EdgeXperience subscription vertically or horizontally to meet the demands of any workload. While this cloud capture service integrates directly with the fi-7300NX scanner model, you can also use other types of scanners to upload digitized documents and images to the cloud. A large format 11×17 scanner can be useful for capturing oversized documents that exceed the size settings of the fi-7300NX.

Subscribing to a cloud capture service has the potential to reduce IT costs, speed up imaging workflows, uphold rigorous security standards and provide scalable solutions. You should consider EdgeXperience as a way to modernize your office by implementing agile architecture with a minimal footprint.

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