Physical Therapy

Freedom in Motion: Embracing Physical Therapy’s Transformative Potential

If you have received an injury at any time in the last decade, your doctor probably told you that you would need physical therapy. However, physical therapy does more than just help you recover faster from injuries. It can actually give you a greater range of motion, reduce pain and much more. As you search for physical therapy near me, consider how it can transform your life.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy uses exercise, massage, and other treatments to help you heal from injuries, prevent new injuries, manage or reduce pain and teach you about health and nutrition. Physical therapists can actually help you avoid surgery and improve your mobility. They have stroke-specific treatments as well as strategies for heart and lung disease, balance, pelvic floor health, fitness and much more. These professionals can even help you prevent falls.

Embracing a Life of Mobility

Injuries, stroke and other health conditions can significantly impede your mobility. Physical therapy improves your mobility by strengthening your muscles and coordination. These treatments also help with your balance, posture and gait. You will work through stretching and strength-building exercises. These exercises can help build or correct your muscles so they support your body properly.

Physical therapists can also help you work with any assistive devices, such as wheelchairs, canes or crutches. You need to understand how to work with them safely, and your therapist can help you learn to use them more easily.

If you have specific activities you want to get back to, these professionals can customize a plan to help you build and strengthen the muscles, tendons and ligaments you need to continue the activity. You can learn to prepare your body so that when you go back to your activity, e.g., running, gardening or going up and down the stairs, you won’t injure yourself.

Managing Pain

In some cases, you lose range of motion because it hurts too much to move in certain ways. Treatments like aquatic therapy, massage or electrical stimulation can help you reduce pain as your exercise and stretching rebuild muscles and tissues. You can learn to manage chronic pain as well as pain from an injury.  

Customizing Treatment

When you talk with physical therapists near me, they will show you how they can customize treatments just for your needs. You will complete an initial evaluation, and the therapist will create an exercise and treatment plan that addresses your needs. Nearly all plans will include stretching and exercise. These professionals will teach you movements that you can do at home.

Then, they will evaluate other treatments to help you further while you are in the office to gain healing or greater physical control. You may experience ultrasound, phonophoresis, iontophoresis and electrical stimulation as well as cold, heat, moist heat and light therapy.

Liberty Through Therapy

Not only can physical therapy help you get back to the activities you enjoy, but it can help you prevent injuries so you can keep doing them. You can keep your heart, lungs and tissues strong through therapy.

If you are ready to regain your mobility and protect your body from future injuries, check out the benefits of physical therapy Bowling Green KY.

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