PMP certification

Why Some Companies Require Their PM to Have PMP Certification?

PMP Certification

PMP certification as the most valuable certification in the field of project management has become the first choice of many project management practitioners.

Indeed, many foreign enterprises and famous domestic enterprise list the certificate as the basic standard of getting into their companies. The certificate has become a stepping stone to the post of project management. Some enterprises even clarify that project managers must obtain the certificate.

Then, why do some companies require product managers to pass the PMI PMP exam? Some people believe that it is because the work of product managers involves projects and management

To some extent, yes. Many firms even have a higher demand for product managers than project managers.

The duty of product manager is to creatively design products according to market demands. The process of making a product is equal to conducting a project. The project manager is responsible for implementing every step of the whole design process. He/she needs to consider how to do things well.

To be specifically, the work of product managers contains some part of the work of project managers. In some firms without clear distribution of labors, product managers are the project managers.

Project managers are more often seen in conventional or IT software industries. That is why most PMP exam candidates come from IT industry.

While in the emerging internet companies, do not need a project manager when they have a product manager.


From a traditional perspective, most project managers are required to understand the procedures of project, coordinate the project and personnel, and finish the target on time. That’s it.

While as product managers, they should not only responsible for the R&D, planning and making of products but the operation and promotion of products and market analysis. Apart from being responsible for products, they are responsible for their bosses and users.

Compared to product managers, project managers do not understand the products and technology needed to operate the Internet. They do not understand market feedback and customer demand. That is to say, they are not sensitive to the internet.

Product managers bear greater responsibility and higher expectations.

In this circumstance, it is very necessary to learn the content of PMI PMP certification. In the PMP certification training, candidates are taught the abilities that a manager must acquire. It also includes project management experience courses teaching you how to control resources, evaluate risks, and coordinate the demands of different parties.

The knowledge system is helpful for the work of product managers and keep in line with their career development. The knowledge of PMP is like an index, guiding you to better do your job in a complicated and changing environment.

To learn the knowledge, you can build up a systemic project management knowledge system, which is conducive to promoting products and realizing targets.

In fact, all walks of life involve projects, management and operation. Therefore, it is useful to learn the knowledge of the PMP certification test.

Furthermore, the knowledge of PMP is connected with the knowledge of other management certification exams.

It is a nice choice to take PMP exam if you want to improve yourself and seize more opportunities.

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