Dog Overnight Boarding Services

What To Expect From Dog Overnight Boarding Services

Safety and comfort are a must when looking at boarding your dog overnight. Knowing your pet’s personality will help you find a place where they can be comfortable around other dogs. If you are looking for dog overnight boarding services for your pet, here are some things to expect: 

Vaccination Requirements 

Some dog boarding facilities require you to present a Bordetella vaccination certificate. Others ask for other immunization certificates, such as rabies and distemper. You must also present vaccination records, including a copy of the rabies certificate signed and dated by the attending vet. These requirements are necessary for the safety of all the dogs in the facility. The records should be current by the time you register your pet. 

Some facility managers insist on mandatory neutering/spaying of dogs over six months old unless you present a medical exemption letter from a veterinarian. Temperamental trials are also standard in many facilities. You may want to take some time off to attend the trial with your pup before boarding. 

Comfort Provisions 

Facilities that offer dog boarding services should provide the necessary provisions for the boarders’ comfort. If your dog is a picky eater, you’ll want to make sure there is food provided that they can eat. Check for clean drinking water, ventilation, shelter, and temperature control. You can ask for alternative options if the facility does not have some of the items you expected. 

Certified and Dog-friendly Staff 

Sufficient and qualified staff means your dog will be safe in your absence. A dog-friendly caregiver can notice when a dog is uncomfortable or unwell and act accordingly. Observe how the staff interacts with the dogs in the facility before signing up. The facility should have sufficient staff, from caregivers to security to veterinarians. 

Ask about the evacuation plan in a security emergency. Find out what happens if your dog develops a medical emergency. Ask if the caregivers have pet first aid training. The facility should have a certified vet or a good relationship with a nearby vet clinic for emergencies. 

Space and Amenities 

Look for dog overnight boarding services with suitable accommodation to serve your pet’s needs according to age, size, and health status. The space should be enough to fit all the boarding pets. The sleeping space also matters. Facilities will have each pet sleeping in its quarters or cage rather than crowding in a single open space. You may feel safer if puppies had a separate space from the older and larger dogs to prevent fights. These can include ramps, toys to play with, and other ways to keep your pet content while they’re away.

The play area should be securely fenced to prevent the dogs from running away or getting into places they shouldn’t. 

The Type of Boarding Services

Choose a boarding facility that suits your pup’s personality and matches the usual conditions at home. When looking for boarding services, you want to find one that offers basic yet essential needs for your pet: secure individual kennels, regular exercise, and food and water. A regular routine in these facilities consists of feeding, playtime, exercise, and rest. They create a structured, balanced environment for your pup’s comfort and safety.

Some luxury dog boarding services surpass traditional ones by providing high-end services like room service, grooming, regular walks, and personalized training from experts. They make your pet’s boarding experience more enjoyable.

Find a Reliable Dog Overnight Boarding Services for Your Pet 

Conduct proper research when looking for Dog overnight boarding services. Some boarding facilities use a variety of boarding styles to create a comfortable and affordable pet environment. Have a checklist with all your expectations when comparing different facilities. 

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