Tricks To Help With Cleanup After Wholesale Candle Making

Wholesale Candle Making

Making candles with wholesale candle supplies allows you to customize your products to sell to customers or keep them for personal use. The candle-making process can get messy at certain points, especially when you are dealing with hot wax and colourants. Here are a few tips and tricks to help with the cleanup process:

Take Preventative Steps

Before you begin making candles, take a few preventive measures to help with the cleanup later. Lay down towels or mats to catch any dripping wax from your candles. If you want to simplify your cleaning process even further, use old newspapers or magazines that you can throw away after you finish. Using disposable materials will save you the time you would have spent washing towels or scraping wax off mats. 

Protect Your Clothing

Wholesale candle supplies like candle wax, essential oils, and colourants can stain or ruin clothing if you are not careful. You may also be at risk from hot candle wax splashing and burning your skin. Protect your skin and clothing by wearing an apron, gloves, and any other protective gear you may need. Wear a pair of old shoes that you can easily throw in the wash or scrape the wax off of after pouring a batch of candles. This makes cleanup easier without worrying about damaging a pair of new shoes.

Let the Wax Dry

After it is warmed up, candle wax will melt and become soft and sticky. This makes it difficult to clean liquid wax off of various surfaces. Instead of immediately trying to wipe it away after a spill, wait for the wax to dry fully. When wax dries, it hardens and becomes easy to scrape off hard surfaces. Use a spatula or paint scraper to gently pry up any spilled wax and clear your workstation.

Heat the Wax

Heating the wax back up after a spill may be necessary to remove it from more porous surfaces. If spilt wax stays on a surface for an extended period, you may not be able to easily chip it off without damaging the surface. For these cases, you will need to carefully heat the wax back up. Use a heat gun or hairdryer to warm the wax slowly. If you heat it too quickly, the wax will melt and spread, making it more difficult to wipe up. Heat it just enough so that it is soft and pliable and will easily peel off the surface. 

Clean Your Jars

If you have old jars that you want to clean and reuse for future candles, there are a few ways to clean out the residual wax. One method involves placing the jar in the freezer for a few hours. This will harden the leftover wax and make it easier for you to chip it out with a knife or scraper. Another method is to fill the jar with boiling water. The hot water will melt the wax, causing it to float to the top of the jar. You can then wipe out the wax with a paper towel and throw it away. Do not pour the wax-filled water down the drain, as it may cause clogs after the wax cools.

Wash Your Tools

Take care of your candle-making tools to help them last as long as possible. Some of the tools you must care for include melting pots, measuring cups, moulds, thermometers, and more. Wash them as soon as possible after you finish making your candles. Removing the wax from the tools while it is still slightly warm will help make the process easier. If the wax has had time to harden on your tools, place them in warm water to soften the wax. Rubbing alcohol may also help remove wax residue from various surfaces. Spray your tools with rubbing alcohol and wipe them down as a final cleaning step.

Find Wholesale Candle Supplies 

Streamlining the cleanup process can expedite your candle-making business operations. Wearing the proper protective clothing, covering your work area, and cleaning up immediately after will help you maintain a safe and undamaged workspace. Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned expert in the art of candle making,, find quality wholesale supplies to make the creation and cleanup steps more efficient. Purchase wholesale candle supplies from a reputable vendor today to start making your own candles.

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