7 Candle Shipping Ideas For Online Sellers

The candle industry is on fire, with a market size of $1.7 billion in 2021 and a projected 2.9% increase by 2022. Roughly 70% of residents in the United States currently use candles, and various marketplaces have been established to sell them. 

Candles can be used for various purposes, including relaxation, decoration, or celebrations such as birthdays and weddings, allowing you to differentiate your brand and highlight your ​​interest. In addition, candles are an excellent presentation concept for any event, offering endless possibilities to promote your candle business for numerous unique activities, lifestyles, and trends. 

Candle Shipping Ideas

Candles are sensitive products that require extra protection while storing and shipping. In this article, we unveil the best seven candle shipping ideas for online sellers.

1. Temperature control:

Candles are sensitive to temperature fluctuations, especially during the warm summer months. Consider using insulated or cold-packed packaging to save your candles from melting in transit. Alternatively, schedule shipments to avoid high temperatures or choose expedited shipping techniques to reduce transit time.

2. Add details

Adding information gives life to simple candle packaging. While the field is the central aspect of the pack, it should not be the leading man or woman now. The details could act as statement pieces in the design, making the candle boxes practical. 

Do you want ideas on what elements to keep in mind for your candle shipping boxes? Custom stickers and labels can be a promising addition to any candle container. 

3. Choosing sustainable packaging

Paper tubes provide protection against heat and moisture and can also be environmentally friendly packaging alternatives. Other candle packaging materials, such as plastic or polystyrene, can be wasteful or harmful to the environment, but paper is completely biodegradable.

When you choose sustainable packaging, you help protect the environment and tell your customers that you care about social responsibility and sustainability. In a generation of social justice and cause corporations, this can build loyalty and trust in the logo.

Sustainable packaging goes beyond just environmental blessings – it can also be cost-effective. Paper is a renewable useful resource, so it’s cheaper than materials like plastics to run out eventually.

4. Attach Custom-Designed Labels

Let’s discuss the power of custom labels. Nothing says luxury candle revels louder than a custom-designed label. The intoxicating scent of the candle and the array of packaging may be the primary factors of enchantment for customers, but it is the label that makes the human being choose the last purchase.

One of the greatest blessings of custom labels is that you can use them for advertising by targeting the appropriate audience. The fascinating layout will catch customers’ attention in physical and online storage and assist in shipping. Labels must include critical information on product properties, fragrance, range, size, content material, residence, and capabilities. 

5. Custom Inserts and Pads 

Customized packaging liners play an essential role in protecting candles during shipping. Create custom inserts or pads tailored to the size of each candle to ensure a comfortable and secure connection in the shipping field.  

Candle shipping boxes with foam liners, cardboard dividers, or molded pulp trays can effectively prevent candles from moving or colliding. Supplement these liners with enough padding, such as crumpled paper or biodegradable packing peanuts, to absorb shock and vibration at some transit point.

6. Fragile stickers:

For “Fragile” stickers, it’s beneficial to include explicit instructions for shipping companies on handling the packages. Specifically, advising them to store the packages upright can further safeguard the candles from any potential damage. When candles are stored or transported in an upright position, it minimizes the risk of them shifting or colliding with each other, thus reducing the chances of breakage.

This simple but effective measure can help reduce the risk of mishandling and damage during transit. Additionally, include instructions for companies to store packages upright to prevent the candles from moving or breaking.

7. Follow the Shipping Instructions.

Finally, familiarize yourself with the candle shipping instructions.  You need to learn how to ship a candle. The United States Postal Service (USPS) has unique rules for shipping candles, so it’s essential to test with them before shipping.

They will ensure that your candles arrive reasonably and intact, helping you build a strong reputation for excellent customer service. If you are shipping internationally, be sure to check the customs regulations for each country. You must follow these guidelines to ensure that your candles can be shipped without any problems.


Enhancing candle packaging with thoughtful details and implementing effective shipping strategies is essential for online sellersWhen considering the entire customer journey, from customized labels and minimalist designs to sustainable packaging and secure shipping methods, each element contributes to a memorable customer experience and strengthens the brand reputation. This is something that even Qualtrics Competitors understand. By prioritizing quality packaging and reliable candle shipping practices, online sellers can differentiate themselves in the competitive candle market and foster long-term customer loyalty.

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